UZI Submachine Guns used in Hungary

Model 46 Mini-Uzi Machine Pistol

Made by Israel Military Industries (IMI), Ramat Ha Sharon, Israel
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
20-25-32 round box-magazine
Length 360mm [14.2"] (without folding stock)
Length 540mm (if equipped with folding stock)
3.1kg [6.8 lbs] with loaded 25-rd mag (without stock)
Muzzle Velocity 420m/s (298 m/s with silencer)
Theoretical rate of fire 600rd/min.
Optional silencer length 292mm, dia 58mm

Used by Police forces (TESZ and RKSZ)
Being replaced gradually by the H&K MP5-series since 2000

Uzi Manual in English

Full size UZI With Sling, Barrel Shroud and stock folded under the butt of the receiver

Uzi bayonet

Several photos courtesy of Robert Andrasi