Hungarian Weapons - Fémáru FÉG Pistols

Hungarian Tokarev Army Pistol Model 48
Pisztoly 48.M (48 Minta)

Type: recoil operated automatic pistol
100,000 Made by Fémáru Fegyver és Gépgyár, Budapest, 1947-56 (or 58)
Chambering: 48M 7,62 Pisztolytolteny [7.62x25mm Tokarev (M30 Tokarev, .30 Mauser, 7.63 Mauser)]
Cartridge: FMJ, 5.52g
Magazine: 8-round detachable box
Muzzle velocity: 1378 fps
Length overall: 195mm [7.68"]
Barrel: 115mm [4.57"] rifled, hard-chromed
Weight unloaded: 850g [30.1oz]

Tokarev 48M Assembly Drawing and Parts List

This pistol is a copy of the Soviet Tula Tokarev TT33 model, as originally designed by Fedor V. Tokarev. The most visible differences are shown on the photos of the Soviet TT-33 version on the left: the serrated slide-grip area and the national crests on the grip. The Soviet TT-33 has a 5-point star on the pistol grips.
The Hungarian Communist Rákosi Crest was used on pistols manufactured 1949-1956. (For a detailed picture see the middle crest at the top of this page.) The Hungarian Socialist Kádár Crest was used on pistols manufactured 1957-1958. (For a detailed picture see the right crest at the top of this page.) The Hungarian '02' country code and year of mfg. is on the left side of the frame.
Earliest date of 1947 was reported with serial number 651, possibly part of a trial run, as the pistol was adopted next year in 1948.

An improved version of this pistol was manufactured in Hungary under the name Tokagypt 58 for export.

Tokarev 48.M Holster photo courtesy of Randall Bessler (Collector Firearms)