Purchasing Information / Terms of Sale

Please read the whole page before ordering

About me:

I am a Federally Licensed Collector of Curios & Relics (Type 03 FFL). My Manowar's website about Hungarian and Austrian weapons has been around since the late 1990's. I am user "Manowar" on Gunboards. After decades of collecting, and the start of some health issues, I am selling part of my collection. During the years I accumulated many duplicates, so these are the first ones to be offered for sale. If you are looking for a specific gun model not listed here, just ask, I may have one. The prices are in $ USD, are firm, and do not include any shipping costs.


I will consider limited trades, still looking for unusual antique or experimental weapons.

License requirements & Legal:

Antique (pre-1899) firearms can be shipped directly to you (within the USA, except NJ). By ordering such firearm, you represent that you are over 18 years old (over 21 years old where necessary) and you are not prohibited by any Federal, State or Local laws to own a firearm. Just send me a scanned copy of your Drivers' License.
All post-1898 firearms purchased must be shipped to an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) dealer/gunshop/pawnshop or to a C&R (Curio & Relic) Collector. You (or your dealer) may mail or e-mail a scanned copy of the signed license. I can e-mail my license.
Search for FFL Dealers in your area. Shop around for a dealer who is willing to "Receive and Transfer the firearm" to you at a reasonable price (typically $15-$25). Some of these dealers' transfer fees can be a real ripoff ($50-$100). Maybe you can negotiate a safety check or some ammo into the deal. You have to decide what is "reasonable" for a dealer to charge for a 10-20 minute paperwork and to gain a satisfied customer for life.
If you plan on buying more than one collectible gun per year, you should get a C&R (collectors') license. This will allow you to have guns older than 50 years to be shipped directly to you. The application procedure may take 2-6 months. It will cost $10 per year to keep your license. For more info see the bottom of this page.
We can arrange a person-to-person sale if you are in the Tampa Bay area in Florida.
I will not ship to those areas where the local lawmakers illegally enforcing anti-Constitutional rules: No firearms to DC, Chicago or Cook Co IL, No Handguns to CA, MA, NYC, Need FOID card for IL, Only C&Rs and antiques to CA, MA, Need COE for CA
By ordering from me you agree to these terms and you represent that there are no specific laws, rules or restrictions apply to you or to your area, which would jeopardise the legitimacy of our transaction.

Payment methods:

(in order of preference)
- QuickPay by Chase - I can email you an invoice (works like Paypal without the fees and you do not need to have a Chase account). Your bank may have a similar service.
- SurePay by Wells Fargo. (Similar to QuickPay by Chase, but you initiate the payment without an invoice)
- Postal money order - no waiting for check clearance
- PayPal (anti-gun outfit, no firearms) - add 3% + 30cents to the total price or preferably use the "Friends and Family" option with no additional charge.
- Certified check or other money order - shipping will be held until the check clears, about 7-10 days
- Personal check - shipping will be held until the check clears, about 7-10 days
- No credit cards, however I will accept "convenience checks" which come with your credit card account - 7-10 days shipping delay.
- MoneyGramm - see moneygramm.com or look for the service at any Walmart

Installment Payments / Layaway:

Installment Payment option (or Layaway) is available with a 10% downpayment and 10% minimum monthly payment until it is paid off, however please try to make any payments at least $50, unless the balance is smaller. The downpayment must be received within 10 days from the date I put the gun on hold for you. All payments go towards the purchase and shipping costs, no fees, no interest. Round up any amount to the nearest Dollar. Online payments, such as Chase Quickpay are preferred for installment payments.


UPS shipping costs will include Ground shipping and signature requirement. No charge for any packing and handling. Shipping charges for short rifles, under 48" box length:
$22 to AL FL GA SC
$30 to CA NV OR ID MT WA
Effective 6/6/2016 UPS & Fedex initiated a $10.85 surcharge for any boxes 48" or longer. Shipping charges for long rifles over 48" box length:
$32 to AL FL GA SC
$40 to CA NV OR ID MT WA
As an alternate, I can attempt to take the barreled action out of the stock if it is possible without hurting the rifle, so all parts fit in a box shorter than 48" and save the $10. Your choice, let me know.
USPS will be used to AK and HI, ask for a quote with your Zip code. Antique handguns will be shipped by USPS Priority, post-1898 handguns by UPS 2nd Day Air, ask for a quote. Each additional long gun or handgun shipped in the same package will cost $8 each.
You may, instead of paying for shipping, get your own UPS or USPS or FedEx pre-paid shipping label and mail it with your payment. Ask me for the box size & weight info for your label.
Small items (gun parts, books, magazines etc) can be shipped by USPS - insured or uninsured, at your choice. Books & Magazines can also be shipped by USPS at actual Media Mail rate. Ask me for a quote.
Small items (parts and accessories) ordered together with a firearm will be shipped free if they safely fit in the same box.
Your box will be shipped as soon as possible after reception & clearance of payment and license. You will receive the Tracking Number to your e-mail address automatically from UPS (this email often ends up with the 'junk' emails).

Description of For Sale Items:

Read the description and view all related pictures. The description and photos will be of the actual item, which is for sale. Upon request I will provide more description or more pictures of certain details. "Matching numbers" mean all visible serial numbers match. I visually inspect each gun for functioning, missing parts, damages. I cannot guarantee the condition of hidden parts, hidden areas, unless noted otherwise in the description. I do not check headspace and I do not testfire the guns in my collection. These guns are sold for collecting purpose and you should take the gun to a qualified gunsmith for safety inspection before firing it.


A 3-day non-firing inspection period is allowed from the date you received the firearm, which is the delivery date indicated by the shipper. You may return the gun purchased from me for any reason. Let me know of your intention to return it by e-mail within the 3-day period. The returned item must be received within 10 days of your return notification, except in case of a shipper damage claim. The full price paid for the gun will be refunded, minus the shipping costs. Credit from a returned installment payment/layaway purchases will be applied towards another purchase, not refunded. Purchases must be returned in same condition as shipped and be unfired. I am not responsible for damages by the shipper, that is why I reccommend shipping insurance. In case of damage during shipping, let me know and I will file a damage claim. Do not return the damaged item immediately. Keep the box and its contents as-is. The shipper may send an insurance claim person to your place to inspect the damage and file their damage report. Once the insurance payment amount is approved, you can decide to keep the damaged gun plus insurance money or return it for a refund. Do not return the damaged item without complying with the shipper's damage claim procedures, if you do, yo will not receive a full refund.


Purchasing only one or a few guns at the same time will not be economical from outside the US, due to high initial exporting and shipping charges. Costs per gun will be more "reasonable" if spread out on 10 (or more) guns. Antique (pre-1899) guns are exportable, but I have only little experience in arranging it and your country may have restrictions. You can get a shipping cost estimate to your location on usps.com. Examples: 2015 estimates to ship 1 antique rifle: US$65 to France, US$135 to Australia.


When ordering, please state clearly that you are purchasing the item, specify the item, method of payment and your name & address, so I put the rifle on hold for you. We can exchange licenses by e-mail prior to mailing your payment, so we know that we are dealing with a legit person on the other end. I expect to receive the mailed payment within 10 days.

A safety guide for purchasing weapons online:

When you buy a gun online from a person you do not know, do your homework before forking out the $:
- If you pay with a USPS Money Order, their Mail Fraud Dept. can help in case of a fraudulent seller.
- References can be faked so do not rely on them. The scam artist can have 25 email accounts, and a dozen beer-buddies can act as "satisfied buyers" on the phone.
- Google the name and address where you suppose to send the money. If the seller is a scam artist, his name and address will have complaints filed against on RipoffReport and other similar websites.
- GoogleMap the address. A seller owning house will be more reliable. A fly-by-night guy will operate from an apartment, or a PO Box.
- Check out the seller's address for ownership on his county's "Property Appraiser's" website (in my case it is "Pinellas County", www.pcpao.org)
- Compare it to the name & address on the seller's FFL. You can "ez-check" (verify) the 01 FFL and 02 FFL on the ATF website or verify the 03 FFL on the ATF phone # given by the ez-check website.
If all the above checks out, you should be ok.

Reply to:

perpetuum-mobile@juno.com and provide your ordering info