Austro-Hungarian Steyr Pieper Pistols

7.65mm Steyr-Pieper SelbstladPistole Model 1908

This pistol is also referred to as the 7.65mm Model 1909

Approx. 60000 were manufactured by OEWG Steyr 1908-1914? and 1921-1939?
Type: automatic pistol (blowback)
Chambering: 7.65mm Auto (7.65x17mm) (.32acp)
Length overall: 162mm [6.38"]
Weight unloaded: 630g [22.2oz]
Barrel: 92mm [3.62"] rifled 6 grooves, rh
Magazine: 7-round detachable box

Originally intended for commercial sale, this pistol was built to the patents of Nicolas Pieper of Liege, Belgium. This was an unusual blowback pistol with a tip-down barrel. The barrel was retained with a pivoting bolt and it was held by a thumb-latch barrel-locking mechanism. The recoil-spring rod ended in a hook engaging a lug on the slide, disengaging automatically when the breech was raised.
The Steyr gun differed from the Pieper pattern in the following minor details: The angle of the pistol grip was increased, the grips were attached with 2 screws instead of 1, the barrel was lengthened, the rear sight was revised.
This was a favorite private purchase pistol for Austro-Hungarian Military officers and Police departments.
Manufacture was suspended in 1914, resumed in 1919, and continued until 1939(?), however no post-1929 dates have been reported.
The pocket version of this Pistol is the Steyr-Pieper M1909

The Legend on the left side of the receiver: 'OESTERR. WAFFENFABRIKS-GES. STEYR' and on the left side of the barrel: 'PAT.No.9379-05 u No.25025-06'. A 1910 dated pistol has a 3rd Patent number here 'No. 16715-08', however several other samples show this 3rd patent number on the right side of the pistol.

The Legend on the right side of the receiver: 'N. PIEPER PATENT' and on the right side of the barrel: 'NPv' (a Nitro-Proof mark) and further forward: 'PAT.No.40335'. Both grips have the 'OWG' logo and 'STEYR'.

This pistol was manufactured in 1911 and LandWehr accepted in 1914. Military acceptance marks are not common.

Post-War 7.65mm Steyr-Pieper SelbstladPistole Model 1908

Post-War pistol with the new Austrian 'STEYR' logo grips, but the slide-grip area is similar to the pre-war version. The left and right side legends are similar to the pre-war version except 'MADE IN AUSTRIA' was added after 'STEYR' on the left side of the receiver.

Post-War 7.65mm Steyr-Pieper SelbstladPistole Model 1908/34

Due to some problems experienced with the original 1908 slide, a more heavy duty slide was designed, which was used to replace old slides. A hard rubber recoil buffer was also added at the back of the new slide. Once the updated slide is installed on the M1908 it become the M1908/34.
This photo shows a 1928 dated pistol, has original style grips, but it lacks both left and right side legends. Some sources indicate these pistols were manufacured until 1939, however no post-1929 dates were reported/confirmed yet
A 1921 dated pistol with post-war 'STEYR' marked grips. There are no legends on the '08/34' slides.

1930's Austrian State Security Police issued pistols were marked with 'SW' (Sicherheitswache Waffen) [Bundespolizei] on the rear grip strap. Based on the SW numbers research, approx. 8000 pistols were marked this way.

Pictures courtesy of Darrell Goss, Dennis Kroh and J. Cooper

Manufacturing Date - Serial Numbers Data

There is a significant inconsistency between overlapping serial numbering and manufacturing dates. The 1919-20 dates may indicate pre-WW1 manufactured pistols / parts assembled post-WW1.
1910:  14087 - 18800
1911:  23960 - 42053 (some military accepted Lw14)
1919:  37026 - 48687
1920:  37131 - 43406
1921:  41356 - 48361
1922:  50476 P - 53550 P
1923:  51991 P - 56983 P
1928:  50034 P - 59200 P
1929: 60100 P

SW Numbers Data

SW 154 - SW 8069