Skorpion Vz.61 Submachine Guns Used In Hungary

VZ.61/VZ.62 Skorpion Machine Pistol
7,65mm SHE-61 Géppisztoly

Made by Ceska Zbrojovka, Uhersky Brod, Czechoslovakia
Caliber: 7.65x17mmSR (.32acp)
Magazine 10 or 20 round detachable box
Overall length 270mm (10.3") stock folded, 514mm with Buttstock extended
Barrel length 115mm (4.52") 6-rifling
Muzzle velocity 317m/s, with silencer 274m/s
Theoretical rate of fire 840rd/min.
Weight empty 1.31kg (2.89 lb), 1.59kg w/10rd mag
Optional Silencer length 222mm, dia 54mm

This weapon is classified as either a submachine gun or a machine pistol. It fires bullet useful as a combat round and it is small enough to be carried in a holster and fired from one hand. It was designed in order to provide armored vehicle crews with a weapon which could be carried at all times and which would provide self defense in an emergency. The Skorpion is blowback operated weapon and with its light reciprocating parts, a high rate of fire can be achieved. However it contains an ingenious rate reducing mechanism inside the pistol grip. As the bolt recoils it drives a weight down into the grip against a spring as the bolt reaches the end of its travel it is held by a catch. As the weight rebounds from the spring and returns to the top of the grip, so it trips the catch and releases the bolt to go forward and chamber the next round. The pause is very brief, but sufficient to bring rate of fire down to manageable proportions. One might expect that this mechanism would make itself felt to the user in the form unwelcome vibrations, but it is masked by the general recoil and it is not noticeable.

Used by both the Hungarian Armed forces and Police forces special service. No longer in service, gradually replaced by the HK-MP5.

The 20-round and 10-round magazines are shown side-by-side.