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Christopher George Bonehill, Birmingham UK 1885

British CG Bonehill Pat. 1877 M1885 SxS Shotgun

12 ga 2.5"

Marked CG Bonehill Patent No.3718 1877 Barrel marked: Model 1885 London Damascus Steel. British proofs. Barrel 30", overall 47". LOP 13.4"/14.2". Bluing: 60% thinning bluing turned brown, no rust. Bright bores, some pitting, pinhole. Good stock, woodloss & cracks. Replaced soldered hammer. Nicely engraved. All serials match. Antique, no FFL. 51161 PICTURES


Immanuel Meffert, Suhl, Germany, 1911

German Hubertus-Ehrhardt Hammerless SxS Shotgun

16 ga 2.5"

Barrels marked Ehrhardt Lauf and Hubertus Suhl, mfg by Heinrich Ehrhardt, Dusseldorf barrel-maker. Barrel 29.5", overall 46". Missing trigger assembly. Bluing is 95% on the barrel, less on the frame. Mirror bright shiny bores, need some cleaning. Very good stock, no cracks. All serial numbers match. Some engraving. High quality German double barrel shotgun, great restoration project. 54485 (Ehrhardt) PICTURES


Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB, Sweden, 1928

Swedish Husqvarna Model 20 SxS Shotgun for sale

16 ga 2.62" (67mm)

High quality Swedish 16ga double barrel. Marked "Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB". Barrel 29", overall 45.2". LOP 13"/14". Bluing: 80% on the barrel, bright metal finish on the rest. Shiny bores, need cleaning, small dent. Very good stock, repaired crack. Orig steel buttplate. All serial numbers match. Hammers work fine. 138611 (Husq4) PICTURES


Crescent Fire Arms Co. Norwich Conn. USA, cca.1925

USA Crescent New Empire Hammerless SxS Double Barrel Shotgun

12 ga

Marked: Crescent Fire Arms Co. Norwich Conn. USA New Empire. Dual triggers. Overall 46.5", barrell 30", LOP 13.25"/14". Metal: barrel 90% bluing. No rust. Bright shiny bores. Very good wood, repaired grip. Matching serials S13562 (Empire) PICTURES


New Elgin Arms Co / Folsom Arms, USA, 1930

USA New Elgin Arms Hammerless SxS Shotgun

12 ga 2.5"

Marked New Elgin Arms Co. Originally sold by Strauss & Schram Co Chicago. Barrel 30", overall 46". LOP 13"/14". Metal: 90% bluing, no rust. Bright shiny bores, need little cleaning. Very good stock. No buttplate. All serials match. 251635 (Elgin) PICTURES

$125 on hold for NC

Remington Arms, Ilion NY, cca 1895

USA Remington Model 1889 SxS Shotgun

12 ga 2.5"

Barrel marked: 'Remington Arms Co. Illion NY USA'. Sideplates marked: 'Remington Arms Co'. Barrel 28", overall 44.5", LOP 13"-13.75". Metal: 70% thinning bluing, scattered light pitting. Choked Damascus barrels. Shiny bore, crud, pitting. Dented barrel. Fair wood, repaired grip. Functions fine. Antique, no FFL needed. Serial numbers match 99823. (Rem89b) PICTURES


Remington Arms, Ilion, New York, USA, 1910

USA Remington Pat. 1905 Pump Action Shotgun

12 ga 2.75"

Marked Remington Arms Co, Ilion NY USA. Latest Patent May 16 1905. Takedown. Barrel 30", overall 48.75", LOP 13.7". Metal: 80% thinning bluing turning brown, light pitting. Shiny bore with dark spots. Wood has cracks and woodloss. Orig Remington buttplate. Mag tube has a dent, follower stops at 2" inside. Trigger issue. Restorable collectible Remington, matching serials. 69627 (Rem05) PICTURES


Remington Works, Ilion, New York, USA, 1917

USA Remington Model 10-A Takedown Pump Action Shotgun

12 ga

Marked: 'Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Co Remington Works Ilion New York USA. Last Pat. May 16 1905. Barrel 30", overall 49", LOP 13.62". Metal: 50% thinning bluing. Matching serials. Bright shiny bore. Very good wood, small crack by the frame. Remington buttplate. Functions smoothly. Collectible Remington. 125896 (Rem10c) PICTURES


Remington Arms, Ilion, NY, USA, 1905

USA Remington Model 11 Browing Patent Shotgun

12 ga

Early Remington semi. Marked 'Remington Arms, Ilion, New York, USA Browning's Patents ... June 16 1903'. Barrel 28", overall 6.75", LOP 13.75". Metal: 40% thinning bluing, pitting. Bright shiny bore, needs cleaning. Fair wood, cracks, woodloss. Functions fine. Rare very early Remington, serial 4636. (Rem11c) PICTURES


Union Fire Arms Co. Toledo, USA, 1908

USA Union Arms Pat. 1903 20 SxS Shotgun

12 ga 2.5"

Marked The Union Fire Arms Co. Toledo O. Barrel marked: Wilson's Welded Steel. Barrel 29.75", overall 45.3". LOP 12.75"/14". Metal: 75% thinning bluing turned brown, no rust. Bright shiny bores, need little cleaning. Good stock with woodloss at the action. All serials match. Finicky triggers. 13440 PICTURES


Winchester Repeating Arms Co, New Haven, Conn, USA, 1922

USA Winchester Model 11 SL Self Loading Shotgun

12 ga

Semiauto shotgun. Marked Winchester Trade Mark Mod.1911 SL. Nickel Steel Manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. New Haven Conn US Latest Patent June 4 1912. Barrel 26", overall 46". Metal: 90% thinning bluing turning brown. Bright shiny bore. Good wood with cracks. Smooth action. 65686 (Win11b) PICTURES

$275. on hold for NC

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