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Crescent Fire Arms Co. Norwich Conn. USA cca.1920

American Crescent No.60 Empire Hammerless SxS Double Barrel Shotgun

12 ga, 2.75" (70mm)

A US made hammerless double barrell shotgun. Manufactured by 'Crescent Fire Arms Co. Norwich Conn. USA' in cca 1920. The model name 'No.60 Empire Hammerless' is marked on the left side of the frame. Dual triggers. Never had swivel loops. Overall length 46", barrell 30", LOP 13.5". Metal finish is 75% bluing, started to turn brown. Minor light pits. Very bright shiny bore, needs a little cleaning. Buttstock is in very good condition, with repaired cracks by the grip. Repair is holding solid. Handguard is in very good condition. Pachmayr 'White Line' buttpad. Appears to be functioning. An old collectible SxS. 17909 Crescent No.60 Empire Hammerless SxS shotgun For Sale - See PICTURES


Remington Arms, Ilion, New York, USA, 1903

Remington Model 1900 Hammerless Double Barrel Shotgun, USA

12 ga

The classic hammerless side-by-side double barrel shotgun by Remington. Remington M1900, manufactured cca 1903. Grade KE - Remington steel, auto ejectors. Metal finish is 90%, thinning bluing turning brown. All matching serial numbers. Bright bore with powder fouling. 32" barrel. Wood is in good condition, with bruises and scratches, a hairline crack at the tang. Original Remington buttplate in great shape. The action locks up tight and functions smoothly. A small nick in each barrel. A classic collectible Remington. 329186 PICTURES of Remington M1900 Shotgun For Sale


Remington Arms, Ilion, New York, USA, 1945

Remington Model 11 'The Sportsman', Semiautomatic Shotgun, USA

12 ga

The first semiautomatic shotgun by Remington, the 1903 Browning Patent. Manufactured in 1945. Bolt is marked 'The Sportsman'. Metal finish is 90% gray, with some pinprick pitting. Mirror bright shiny bore. 28" long barrel. Wood is in very good condition, with one well repaired crack in the forend. White Line rubber buttpad. The action functions fine. Nice wildlife engrawings on both sides of the receiver. A classic collectible Remington. Should be a fine shooter. 798811 Remington Model 11 Shotgun For Sale - See PICTURES


Remington Arms, Ilion, New York, USA, 1921

Remington Model 17 Pump Action Shotgun, USA

20 ga

A classic Slide Action Takedown Shotgun designed by John Browning. Patent date 1915. Manufactured in 1921. It has the desirable solid rib. Metal finish is 90% turned brown, with wear at the sharp edges and sliding parts. Mirror bright bore. 26" long barrel. 5-round tubular magazine. Wood is in very good condition, with a few scratches, no cracks. Butt extended 1.25", LOP 14". Hardened rubber buttpad is in bad shape. The action functions very smoothly. A nice uncommon collectible post-WW1 Remington Model 17. Remington Model 17 Shotgun For Sale - See PICTURES

$295 on hold for VS

Francis Bannerman & Son Inc, NY, USA, 1898

USA Spencer-Bannerman Pat.1882/M1896 Slide Action Shotgun

12 ga, 2.62" (Black Powder)

The 1st successful slide (pump) action shotgun. A unique Spencer 1882 Patented design, the patent was purchased by Bannerman in 1889. The top of the barrel is marked 'Spencer Rptg. Shot Gun Pat. Apl. 1882'. The receiver is marked 'F Bannerman Manufacturer. New York, USA. MODEL 1896'. Manufactured by Bannerman between 1896-1898. It has dual triggers, the front one acts as a safety. Metal finish is 5%, turned brown old patina. No rust. Two areas soldered, mag cap replaced. Action works fine. Bright shiny bore with stained areas. 30" long barrel, 49" overall, LOP 14". Buttstock is in good condition, checkering worn, no cracks. Slide grip is solid, in very good condition. Thick bakelite buttplate. A very rare collectible early US made 'Repeating Shotgun hard to find in any condition. Antique, no FFL required. 14521 Spencer-Bannerman Shotgun For Sale - See PICTURES


Winchester Arms, New Haven, Conn, USA, 1955

Winchester Model 50 Semiautomatic Shotgun, USA

12 ga

An improved semiautomatic shotgun by Winchester. Manufactured in 1955. Metal finish is 75%, thinning blue. Bright shiny bore, no pitting. 30" barrel. Wood is in very good condition, with some bruises and scratches. Rubber buttplate. The action functions smoothly. A classic collectible Winchester, in nice shape. Winchester M50 shotgun For Sale - See PICTURES


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