Gun Parts Purchasing Information / Terms of Sale

Please read the whole page before ordering


The prices are in US$, are firm, and do not include any shipping costs. I do not charge any packing and handling fees, only shipping cost.
Parts which are ordered with any gun and fit into the gun's box will be shipped with no additional shipping cost.

License requirements & Legal - for any part or assembly, which contains a Firearm Receiver or Frame, not for other parts:

Antique (1898 and older) receivers can be shipped directly to you (within the USA). By ordering such item, you represent that you are over 18 years old (over 21 years old where necessary) and you are not prohibited by any Federal, State or Local laws to own a firearm.
All post-1898 receivers purchased must be shipped to an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) dealer/gunshop/pawnshop or to a C&R (Curio & Relic) Collector. Receivers less than 50 years old must go to a dealer, even if the assembled gun would classify as a C&R. You (or your dealer) may mail or e-mail a scanned copy of the signed license. I will e-mail my license.
We can arrange a person-to-person sale if you are in the Tampa Bay area in Florida.
I will not ship receivers to those areas where the local lawmakers illegally enforcing anti-Constitutional rules: No receivers to DC, Chicago or Cook Co IL, No Handgun frames to CA, MA, NY.
By ordering from me you represent that there are no specific laws, rules and restrictions apply to you or to your area, which would jeopardise the legitimacy of our transaction.

Payment methods:

(in order of preference, but it is your choice)
- Zelle (old Quickpay) by Chase/WelsFargo/BOA/many other banks - I can email you an invoice. You will have to register with Zelle. Most banks now have Zelle or a similar service.
- Cash App. - Download on your mobile phone from the "AppStore". It is free. Website:
- Postal money order - no waiting for check clearance
- Personal check - shipping will be held until the check clears, about 7-10 days
- Certified check or other money order - shipping will be held until the check clears, about 7-10 days
- No credit cards, however I will accept "convenience checks" which come with your credit card account - 7-10 days shipping delay.


There is no shipping charge for the part(s) if you order the part(s) with any guns and the part(s) fit in the same box. If ordering part(s) separately, the shipping method is your choice. Insurance is at your option. I suggest USPS Flat Rate boxes for smaller shipments, Fedex for larger ones, USPS Parcel Post for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. You can ask me to quote the shipping cost, for that I need your Zip code.
You may, instead of paying for shipping, get your own UPS, USPS or FedEx pre-paid shipping label and mail it with your payment. Ask me for the box info for your label.
Your box will be shipped as soon as possible after reception of payment and license (if needed). If tracking is available, you will receive the Tracking Number to your e-mail address automatically.

Description of For Sale Items:

Read the description and view all related pictures. The description and photos will be of the actual item, which is for sale. I will provide more description if you ask, and upon request I can make more pictures of certain details. These parts are sold for collecting purpose and you should take the assembled gun to a qualified gunsmith for inspection before firing it.


A 3-day inspection period allowed from the date you received the part. You may return the part purchased from me for any reason. Let me know of your intention to return it by e-mail within the 3-day perion. The full price paid for the part will be refunded, minus the shipping cost. Purchases must be returned in same condition as shipped. In case of damage during shipping, the shipper must be contacted asap, so they can make their damage report and claim started.


I am willing to export gun parts. However shipping may be so expensive that it will make your purchase uneconomical. So before you inquire about exporting, please check the cost of shipping on or from the USA ZIP 34677 to your address. Also any customs, tariffs and such will be your expense. Shipping non-antique receivers need a Licensed Exporter with an additional cost of $250+


When ordering, please state clearly that you are purchasing the item, specify the item, method of payment and your name & address, so I put the item on hold for you. If purchasing a receiver, we should exchange licenses by e-mail prior to mailing your payment. I expect to receive the mailed payment within 10 days.

Reply to: and provide your ordering info