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Fabbrica di Armas Terni, Italy, 1917

Italian M1891 Mannlicher Carcano Barreled Receiver

6.5x52mm Carcano

Dated "17". Manufacturer "Terni" marked. Barreled receiver + sights. Barrel 30.5", chamber plugged. Metal: 98% bluing. PL8960 PICTURES

$24 on hold for JB

Soc. Ind. Suisse, Bern, Switzerland, 1871

Swiss Vetterli M1869/71 Barreled Receiver


Vetterli Barreled Receiver. Marked 'Soc. Ind. Suisse Syst Vetterlin'. Barrel 33". Metal: 50% bluing, turned brown, moderate pitting on the receiver. Pitted bore. Canton Vaud. Antique, no FFL. 47857 (Sw71j) PICTURES


Mukden Arsenal, Japan/Manchuria, cca 1939

Japanese Arisaka Type 38 Carbine Parts

.257R or 6.5x51SR?

Very rare Mukden Arisaka T38 Carbine project. Intact Mum. Missing many small parts. Good shortened stock, no cracks. Mirror bright perfect bore. Marked .257R 6.5, .257 Roberts? Series 6 42028. (T38j) PICTURES

$95 on hold for JB

Nagoya(?) Arsenal, Japan, cca 1942

Japanese Arisaka T99 Rifle Stock


Sporter stock in very good condition. No cracks. Overall length 27.3". PICTURES


Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori, Sweden, cca 1910

Swedish M1896 Mauser Rifle Stock


Duffle cut M96 stock in good+ condition. No cracks. Overall length 34.25". PICTURES


Mitchell Arms, USA

Mitchell AR-7 / AR-50 Stock Conv Barrel Shroud


Replacement barrel shroud for Henry AR-7 rifles. Never used, brand new condition. PICTURE


Charter Arms, Stratford, USA

Charter Arms AR-7 Butt Stock Assembly for sale


Charter Arms manufactured pistol grip camouflage synthetic butt stock assembly for the AR-7 Explorer semi-auto rifle. Very good condition with scratches and handling marks. Assembly consists of the butt stock, butt cap and takedown screw. PICTURES


TL Moyers, USA

Ruger Model 77 Steel Floor Plate for sale


Ruger 77 Tang Safety blued steel floor plate, long action. Will replace the factory aluminum floor plate. Originally $75 at Moyers. Condition: unused, still in original packaging. PICTURE



Tyvek Gun Sock for sale


White Tyvek Gun Sock. 53" long. Excellent cond. Order it with a long gun. PICTURE

$2 on hold

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