Hungarian Mosin Nagant Rifles

Mosin Nagant Model 1948 Infantry Carbine
Mosin Nagant Gyalogsági Karabély, 48.Minta

160,000 Made by Fémáru Fegyver és Gépgyár (FÉG), Budapest, 1952-53
Est. manufactured: 80,000 in 1952 and 80,000 in 1953
Caliber: 48M 7,62mm [7.62x54mm rimmed]
Integral charger-loaded box magazine, 5 rounds
Turning-bolt action, locked by rotating lugs on the bolt head into the receiver
1016mm [40.0"] overall, 4.05kg [8.9 lbs]
518mm [20.4"] barrel, ?-groove rifling, RH, concentric
Muzzle velocity 790 m/sec M1908 ball ammunition

After the end of WW2 Hungary was limited to a 25,000 member military. Only the following weapons were available in the hands of the military: 10,600 35M and 43M Mannlicher rifles, 6250 39M, 43M and MP-40 Machine Pistols, and 1274 Pistols in various calibers. The Hungarian military purchased a limited number of Soviet firearms, including M91/30 and M44 Mosin Nagants, PPSh41 machine pistols and TT33 pistols.

By 1948 Hungary was pressured through the Warsaw Pact to purchase the license from the Soviet Union for the manufacture of Mosin Nagant and other Soviet weapons. Production seems to have been confined to good-quality copies of the Soviet Model 1944 carbine, known as 48.M (48 Minta) in Hungary.

Hungary's Warsaw Pact given factory marking of can be found stamped on most parts of the rifle.

The stocks are made of beech and are characterized by excellent workmanship. The finish is a standard military oil type with low sheen. The buttstock is marked with the '02' country code and with 'B' in a circle for Budapest.

The top of the barrel chamber is stamped with the Communist Hungarian symbol ('Rákosi Crest'): a crossed hammer and stalk of wheat, surmounted by a 5-point star and surrounded by a wreath of wheat on both sides. For a detailed representative picture see the 2nd crest at the top of this page.

Leaf sight graduated 100-1000 meters

Permanently mounted socket type Folding Spike Bayonet

Estimated serial number ranges and manufacturing dates:

1952: Prefixes AF AG AH AI AK BA BB BC BD (Partial BC and BD)   80,000
1953: Prefixes BC BD BE BF BG BH BI BK CA (Partial BC and BD)   80,000
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10 carbine size shipping box