Austro-Hungarian Sequestered Mauser M1914 Rifles

7mm Infanterie-Repetier-Gewehr M1914
7mm M.14 RepetierGewehr

Made by Österreichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft, Steyr, 1914
Caliber: 7x57mm Mauser
Integral charger-loaded box magazine, 5 rounds
Turning-bolt action, locked by rotating lugs on the bolt head into the receiver

M1912 Mauser rifles and carbines waiting delivery to Chile (3000 pieces), Colombia (3000), Mexico (67000) and elsewhere were sequestered and issued to Austro-Hungarian troops in 1914.

Austro-Hungarian troops fighting in the Middle-East alongside their ally, Turkey, were issued 7.65mm M1903 Turkish Mausers.