Austro-Hungarian Mannlicher Rifles

Mannlicher Model 1887 Trial Rifle
Infanterie-Repetier-Gewehre M1887

Few rifles were made by Ferdinand Mannlicher for trials, 1887
Caliber: 8x52mm rimmed (8mm M.88 scharfe Patrone)
Muzzle velocity 615 m/sec with M1888 ball cartridge
Revolving drum magazine
Straight-pull bolt action, with a locking bar under the back of the bolt engaging in the bolt-way floor
Approx. 1250mm overall, 4.6kg
Approx. 750mm barrel, 4-groove rifling, RH, concentric
Rear sight graduated 400-1600 schritt

No sooner had mass-production of the M1886 began than the results of the caliber trials drew attention to the grave mistake in accepting the obsolescent 11x58mm pattern. Archduke Rudolf, the Inspector of Infantry was made scapegoat for the embarrassment.

Work on the M1886 ceased in 1887, and trials began again. Major contenders were this 8x52r 1887-pattern Mannlicher with a drum magazine, a Belgian-made Schulhof, the M1887/88 Mannlicher-Schoenauer, and a new 8x52r M1886 Mannlicher.

In 1888, concerned by the complexity of the other designs the trials board recommended the simplest 8mm variant of the M1886 rifle, production tooling for most of which already existed. The adopted rifle was designated M1888