Austro-Hungarian M1913 Mannlicher Rifles

Mannlicher Model 1913 Rifle (Gew.88)
7.9mm M.13 RepetierGewehr

Made by Österreichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft, Steyr, and by various German factories, 1889-1897.
Quantity: 306,000 were made by Steyr for Germany between 1889-1894
Caliber: 8x57mm (German M88)
Muzzle velocity 630 m/sec with M88 ball cartridge
Integral clip-loaded Mannlicher type in-line fixed box magazine, 5 rounds
Turning-bolt action
1245mm [48.9"] overall, 3.9kg [8.6 lbs]
740mm [29.1"] barrel, 4-groove rifling, RH, concentric

Gew88/M1913 Assembly Drawing and Parts List

Original German Commission rifle legend, Gew.88

Various bayonets: Germany sent converted M71 bayonets with the rifles. Austro-Hungary converted M67, M70, M73 Werndl bayonets to fit the M.13. Various Ersatz bayonets were also made.

A few Austro-Hungarian units - particularly the Landwehr - used the German Gewehre 88 as the 'Repetier-Gewehr M.13'. These chambered the standard 8x57mm cartridge. It is assumed that they were supplied in the early days of WW1, when Austria-Hungary lacked serviceable weapons. About 70,000 of these weapons came from Germany, some has been stored by the Steyr factory for a Chinese Contract.

Magazine with dust cover

German style serials

Half length cleaning rod

Leaf sight graduated to 2050 meters

Imperial German markings

Steyr made 'OEWG' marked M.13 (Gew.88) Bayonet

M.13 (Gew.88) Bayonet modified from a Werndl M1867 bayonet during WW1