Austro-Hungarian Krnka Pistols

Roth-Krnka Model 1895 (M1895) Pistol

Type: automatic pistol (recoil operated)
Caliber: 8x21mm Roth-Krnka, 10 rds.

This locked-breech pistol was designed by Bohemian Karel Krnka, manufactured and promoted by Georg Roth of Vienna.
The top of the barrel is marked with a circled 'GR' for Georg Roth and 'Patent'
The magazine in the grip can be loaded from a charger with a special slider. The charger is marked with a circled 'GR'
Serialized only on the top of the chamber. Only 2-digit serials reported so far.
The M1895 version was improved by the Krnka M1897 Pistol
A unique early Krnka design was the Krnka Pat.1891 Revolving Magazine Firearm

The pistol on this picture is part of the collection at "Armemuseum in Stockholm", inventory number AM.035405. The date 1897 is associated with this pistol. Possibly this was a prototype pistol submitted by Georg Roth for Swedish military pistol trials.