Hungarian Weapons - Fémáru FÉG Pistols

FÉG Model HEGE AP66 Pistol 7.65mm

Manufactured by Fémáru és Szerszámgépgyár NV, Budapest, 1966
Caliber: 7.65mm (.32acp)
171mm [6.7"] long, 100mm [3.9"] barrel
7-rd magazine
Unloaded weight: 540g, loaded: 600g

This 7.65mm blowback double-action automatic was a modified copy of the Walther PP made by Fémáru for sale by Georg Hebsacker (Hege-Waffen) of West Germany.

The slide carried the encircled Pegasus Hege trademark and 'HEGE WAFFEN WEST GERMANY AP66 Cal. 7.65mm (.32 Browning)'. The ultimate destination was North America.

The circled 'M1' and semi-circled 'I' are Hungarian inspection marks. The eagle with the 'N' is West-German nitro-proof mark. The serial number prefix is 'HG' (for Hege). The serials are 5-digits and the reported ones are under 25 thousand.

Holster for the Hege AP66 Pistol.

The pistol. was stamped 'Made in West Germany' to 'improve' sales.

Hege-Waffen of Germany was also selling Fémáru made 7.65mm Walam pistols. Examples have been seen with normal Hungarian markings accompanied by HEGE stamped into the frame.

Design improvements of the Walther PPK by FÉG.

Serial numbers reported: BB55839, BC9792, HG10264, ??24602

Spanish(?) made HEGE AP66 Pistol 7.65mm

Uncertain manufacturer, believed to be made by Astra Unceta y Cia, Guernica, Spain
Caliber: 7.65mm (.32acp)

Apparently Hege Waffen re-used the AP66 model name (the exact same slide legend) for a different pistol, probably for marketing reasons. While the AP66 model name is originally Hungarian, stands for 'Attila Pisztoly 1966', it is very unlikely that this pistol was made by FÉG. The design and style of the pistol is different than any other FÉG re-designed Walther pistols. Also, this pistol lacks any visible Hungarian markings.
This pistol appears to be very close to the Astra Constable Pistol and it is believed to be made in Spain by Astra, however it also lacks visible Spanish markings. By Spanish law since 1927 all Spanish made guns must have proofmarks, as shown here.
The known examples of this pistol were imported into the USA by 'PW Arms, Redmond WA' and carry a 7-digit serial number.
Please contact the author if you can shed some light to the origin of this pistol. If you have one of these pistols, check under the grips for possible Spanish proofmarks.

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In addition to Hege Waffen, a variety of slide-legends were produced by FÉG for special orders as shown below:

FABRIQUE NATIONAL D'ARMES style markings on both sides
No markings on either side