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Fuck PayPal
Why? Click here was hacked by Islamic jungle monkey pigs from scabies infested West Borneo, Indonesia. These Motherfuckers call themselves "XXX-HACKER TEAM 2014". This message is to them:
Hey Pigfuckers, you just made a new ENEMY of your cause. You Fatherfuckers kill yourself, get buried with pig shit and go to Hell!
Kilencezer kibaszott mennydorgos kurva budos ruhos Allah basszon szet titeket, szarhazi seggnyalo toketlen korcs disznok! was hosted by some ignorant lazy bastards at in association with Any time THEY had a technical problem they shut down my website for several days with a nasty message of "Account Suspended". and do not answer emails or phone calls. - Do not do any business with these miserable crooks!

Hilari(ous) Rodham Clinton says the "Confederate flag has no place in US". I say Hillary has no place in the US, here is the Confederate Flag instead.

WinFixer WARNING: A program available on the net, calling itself WinFixer is a VIRUS. It infects MS Explorer and will crash it. The crooks at WinFixer website will try to extort money to fix it.
For various reasons to be described later, these losers are banned from using this website: Kenneth Frazier (Alvarado TX, A1 Auctioneers, calls himself "Crazy Gun Dealer") + Lou Fausak (Dallas Design District Auction TX, Auction Depot TX) + Scott Massaro (Sierra Auction, Phoenix/Tucson AZ) + OJ Pratt (Pacific Auction, CO) + Robert Molnar (Craters & Freighters CO) + Arundel Militaria (Deactivated Guns Co UK) - Avoid doing any business with these miserable bastards!