Goryunov Type Machine Guns made by Hungary

KGK Machine Gun
7.62mm KGK Géppuska

Made by Fémárú Fegyver és Gépgyár, Budapest, Hungary
Gas operated, Automatic fire
Caliber: 7.62x54R
Muzzle velocity 865 m/s [2845 ft/s]
1300mm [51.2"] overall length
790mm [31.1"] barrel length with flash hider
4-groove rifling, right hand, 240mm/twist
Gun's weight: 13.4kg [29.5 lbs]
Stand's weight: 9.1kg
125 or 250-round metallic link belt
125-round ammo box 5.5kg
250-round ammo box 10.25kg
Theoretical Cyclic rate: 650 rpm

This machine gun is a heavily modified version of the Soviet Goryunov SGM machine gun described below, under the '7.62 SGM Goryunov' heading.
These modifications/improvements were made by Hungarian engineers at Fémárú Fegyver és Gépgyár, Budapest, believably under the leadership of József Kucher.
A new, easily adjustable height lightweight tripod replaced the original heavy tripod. A new flesh hider/muzzle break was installed. A pistol grip, a wood buttstock and a carrying handle was added, together with a foldable bipod to faciliate the weapon's use as a light machine gun, if necessary.
The barrel surface was ribbed for weight reduction and better cooling. The barrel holder wedge was replaced with a pin to provide faster barrel replacement.
A version of this machine gun, called KGKT, was used in the Hungarian PSZH armored vehicles as tower machine gun.

Photos courtesy of Petrohai Ferenc
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7.62mm SGM Goryunov Heavy Machine Gun
7.62mm SGM Nehéz Géppuska

Copy of Soviet gun, made by Fémárú Fegyver és Gépgyár, Budapest, Hungary
Caliber: 7.62x54R. Muzzle velocity 2870 feet/sec
Gas operated, Automatic fire only, 250-round metallic link belt
1120mm [44.1"] overall, 720mm [28.3"] barrel, 13.5kg [29.8 lbs]
Cyclic rate: 600-700 rpm

The SGM (Stankovy [mounted or heavy] Modernized Goryunov) machine gun came with either a wheeled mount which could be fitted with a shield or a light tripod mount.

This machine gun was the basis for the KGK Machine Gun shown above

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