Austro-Hungarian Gasser Revolvers

M1870/74 Gasser Army Revolver

Type: open-frame cast steel revolver
Calibre: 11.2x29.5mm ('Montenegrin')
Length overall: 325mm [12.6"]
Weight unladen: 1300g [45.9oz]
Barrel lengths: 185mm [7.28"] and 115mm [4.53"] rifled
Magazine: 6-chamber cylinder

This model had a steel frame instead of wrought iron of the Gasser M1870. This was the most advanced revolver of its time. A similar gun was issued to the Austrian Navy.
Several barrel lengths were available.
Walnut Grips.
A few revolvers were made by Th. Sedert, a subcontractor for Gasser.
Can be found with WW1 acceptance, such as 'Lw15'.

Acceptance date - Serial number correspondence:
Wn77:  70199
Wn78:  82802 - 84616
None:  87244
Wn80:  88043
None:  103460
None:  131151
Wn82:  15485 - 15968 (Sedert mfg.)