Hungarian Weapons - Frommer Fémárú Pistols

Frommer Pisztoly 29 Minta (29M) [Model 1929]

Approx. 50,000 manufactured by Fémárú- Fegyver- és Gépgyár Rt, Budapest 1929-35
Type: blowback operated automatic pistol
Chambering: 9mm Browning Short, 9x17mm, (.380acp), 29M
Length overall: 172mm [6.77"]
Barrel: 100mm [3.94"] 4-groove rifled, rh
Weight unladen: 750g [26.5oz]
Magazine: 7-round detachable box

Designed by Rudolf Frommer, chambered for the 9mm Short (.380acp) cartridge, this pistol appeared in 1929 and was immediately adopted by the Hungarian Army. The 9x17mm (.380acp) cartridge was adopted as the 29M. This pistol was also carried by the Hungarian Air Force pilots.
This weapon has an internal bolt assembly which is fixed to the slide rather than having the bolt breach portion machined in the rear of the slide. In essence it is an enlarged Frommer Liliput, an external-hammer blowback with the barrel retained in the frame in Browning fashion by four lugs. It was a robust and simple weapon and, as a service pistol, more practical than the Frommer Stop.

The first group of pistols were marked 'FEGYVERGYÁR BUDAPEST 29M.' on the slide.

Sometime after serial 14000 the pistols were marked 'FÉMÁRÚ- FEGYVER- ÉS GÉPGYÁR RT 29M.' on the slide.

The 29M was adopted by the military only, (acceptance marked on the left side of the trigger guard as shown), the other armed forces (police, gendarmerie, etc) stayed with the 7.65mm Frommer Stop

29M pistols with serials 12116 - 13557 are reported with a Circled E marking, which is believed to be an alternative military acceptance mark. Some sources claim that the Circled E mark represents civilian or police issue, but this theory is discredited because 1) The 29M was only accepted by the military, 2) a significant number of 35M and 43M rifles are also marked with the same Circled E. It is unlikely that these rifles were civilian or police issue while the military was lacking modern weapons.

Variations observed on the 29M's:
- Some of the magazines have finger rest, others do not. Original mags were stamped '29M'
- Some grips have a flat surface, others have a curved surface. (both serrated the same way)
I assume that each variants are correct, as there is no data or info to prove otherwise.

A rare 29M buttstock attachment

Serial range assumed: 1 - 50000
Serials reported: 42 - 31202

I have not received reports of 29M serials higher than 31202. So the report of 50000 total manufactured is maybe incorrect. Please submit your Frommer pistol serials.

Frommer Pisztoly 29 Minta .22 versions

The 29M was convertable to 22-LR by changing the barrel and magazine.

A short-lived training/target version was developed for .22 rimfire in 1933, but it failed to receive military approval. Its failure is most likely due to the original 29M's option of an easy barrel exchange for the 22-LR. Only a small quantity was made for trials. It is very rare, a nice example fetched USD4000+ in 2006

Differences from the standard 29M:
- Smaller diameter .22 cal barrel
- Reduced size (and weight) slide, without manufacturer's legend
- .22 cal. Magazine
- C-prefixed Serials

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