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Frommer Fegyvergyar Hunor 26 Minta (26M) [Model 1926] Single Barrel Shotgun

Rudolf Frommer and his team at Femaru- Fegyver- es Gepgyar Rt, Budapest, started designing a single barreled shotgun after WW1 in 1920.
It was officially designated as the "Hunor 12 (or 16) 1926 Minta Shotgun"

Hunor Single Barrel Shotguns

About 20,000 were manufactured between 1926-1944

Calibers: 12 Ga and 16 Ga were made and marked "Hunor 12" or "Hunor 16" on the side of the frame.

The inner area of the flats contains the factory markings. The 'FN' means Fust Nelkuli [Smokeless], not Fabrique Nationale.
The circle with St. Stephen's Crown is the civilian acceptance stamp. The 'BP' indicates Budapest, not Black Powder.
The 'Nem Golyonak", [Not for Ball / Non Pour Balle / Nicht Fur Kugel] means the barrel is choked.
Usually an inspection mark, an 'I' inside a caligraphic 'V' can be found on these flats. The Caliber and the length of the chamber are marked by numbers in a rhomboid shaped box.
The barrel flats carried the year of the Nitro-proofing, like "/40", which can be years or even decades after the manufacturing date.
Sometimes several proof years can be found as they re-proofed the gun again and again.

The inspection mark, an 'I' inside a caligraphic 'V'.

St. Steven's Crown and BP (for Budapest) in a circle [Hungarian non-military acceptance mark]. The 'FN' means Fust Nelkuli [Smokeless], not Fabrique Nationale, Herstal, Belgium.

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