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Frommer Pistol Model 1910

Manufactured by Fegyver és Gépgyár R.T., Budapest, 1910-12
Approx. 11,200 were manufactured.
Marked: 'Fegyvergyar' or 'F.G.GY'
Type: recoil operated automatic pistol
Calibers: 7.65mm Roth, or 7.65mm Frommer Short, or 9mm Short
Length overall: 186mm [7.32"]
Barrel: 100mm [3.94"] rifled
Weight unladen: 635g [22.4oz]
Magazine: 8-round detachable box

A final version of the M1901-vintage design, this was an improvement of the M1906 with a new grip safety in the back strap of the butt. It was most widely used by the Magyar Csendőrség (Hungarian Gendarmerie)
Two years later in 1912 Frommer submitted his most succesful pistol design, the Frommer Stop.

A Hungarian newspaper advertisement cca. 1910, translated:

The self-loading

The experts'
pocket pistol

Nine rounds.
7.65 mm Caliber.

This is the only pistol on the world, which has its chamber locked in the back like the most modern military rifles, providing its shooter with
the best safety
and outstanding shooting accuracy, while it can be carried in your vestpocket. It has triple safety in excellent quality. It can be cocked or released by one hand.
All machined and completely interchangeable parts are manufactured by

Fegyver- és Gépgyár R.-T.
in Budapest.

Available in all fine gunstores here and in foreign countries
Printed information available in various languages for free of charge

Estimated M1910 serial number ranges:

1910 -   500-3000
1911 -   3000-6000
1912 -   6000-11200

Range of actual serials reported: 549 - 11124
Please submit your Frommer's serial and date info to update this data.

7.65x13mm Frommer Short Ammunition

71gr bullet, .304-.307" dia. Case length: ,509-.515". Rim diameter: .332-.334".
Overall cartridge length: .843-.844".
Muzzle Velocity: 1115 fps

Frommer M1910 Manual in French - If you download this, please send us an English translation.