Hungarian Weapons - Frommer Pistols

Frommer Pistol Model 1906

Approx. 300 manufactured by Fegyver és Gépgyár R.T, Budapest, 1906-09
Marked 'Fegyvergyár' or 'F.G.GY'
Type: recoil operated automatic pistol
Calibers: 7.65mm Roth and 7.65mm Frommer Long
Length overall: 180mm [7.09"]
Barrel: 100mm [3.94"] rifled
Weight unloaded: 650g [22.9oz]
Magazine: Early pistols with 10-round charger-loaded internal box, later pistols with 8-round detachable box

A transitional form of the original Rudolf Frommer design, the M1901 Pistol. This model incorporated changes to simplify the action and improve reliability. Long recoil operation was retained, but the gun chambered the 7.65mm Roth cartridge (alias 'Roth-Frommer' or 'Roth-Sauer'). The magazine on the earliest examples was the integral M1901 pattern, but this was soon changed to a conventional removable box inserted in the butt from below. The P.08 Parabellum's magazine 'borrowed' this design with large wooden finger grips at the bottom and a stiffening groove in the side.
The improved version of this pistol is the Frommer M1910 Pistol

In 1907 the Roth-Steyr M1907 was adopted by the Austro-Hungarian Cavalry even though the Frommer M1906 was much more advanced. The decision was politically motivated, the Austrian-lead acceptance committee selected the Austrian Roth-Steyr design.

Estimated serial number range: 200 - 500