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FÉG SMC-918 Pistol

A Walther PPK type aluminum-titanium alloy frame pistol
At least 3800 manufactured by Fegyver és Gázkészülékgyár ('FÉG'), Budapest, cca 1986-2000
Caliber: 9x18mm Makarov
165mm [6.5"] long, 86mm [3.4"] long barrel
6-rd magazine
Unloaded weight: 540g, loaded: 600g

Design improvements of the Walther PPK by FÉG enginers.

The SMC-918 is the export version of the Hungarian FÉG APK9 Pistol, chambering 9x18mm Makarov upon request by the US importer.

The SMC-918 is the smallest pistol chambering the 9x18 Makarov.

The SMC-918 was manufactured with a black anodized Titanium-Aluminium alloy frame and a blued steel slide. The left grips had a thumbrest.

Imported by KBI Inc, Harrisburg, PA, cca 1986-2000.

The legend next to the FEG logo: 'Mod. SMC-918 Made in Hungary'
The SMC model designation is the initials of sales manager of the importer.

The circled 'M' and the heart-shape circled 'I' are standard Hungarian FEG inspection marks.

Original box for the SMC-918

Serial number prefixes are 'MM' followed by a 4-digit number. Please report if you have a number outside the 0001-3765 range.

The PA-63 magazine will fit this pistol, but will stick out a bit.

Disassembly Instructions

English PA-63 Disassembly Manual


Warning: Keep the safety "on safety" and do not cock the hammer. Take out the magazine and clear the chamber by pulling open the slide and looking in the chamber to be sure it's empty.
Field stripping takes no tools. Do not pry or hammer on this pistol.
With the pistol unloaded, hold the grip firmly in your right hand and put your right index finger along the side of the trigger guard. With your left hand, pull down the trigger guard. When it comes out of the frame, press it sideways with your right index finger to keep it from springing back up into the frame.
With your left hand grab the slide by it's grooves and pull it all the way back until you can lift the back end up, clear of the frame. Ease the slide forward and off the pistol. Be careful not to let go of the slide while you can still feel the spring tension, or it could fly off the pistol and be damaged. Pull the recoil spring off the front of the barrel. No other disassembly is recommended.


Warning: Before you start, check the barrel to be sure there is no cartridge in the chamber.
Put the recoil spring, small end first, on the barrel. Cock the hammer. Pull the trigger guard down out of the frame. (See Disassembly)
Put the slide over the forward end of the recoil spring and pull the slide back onto the barrel all the way until it stops. Then push the rear of the slide down until the grooves inside the slide line up with the rails on the frame. When properly aligned, ease the slide forward and let go of the trigger guard so it goes up into the frame.
Before you load the pistol, move the slide back and forth and check the other functions for proper assembly.

Care and Cleaning

Take out the magazine, open the slide and check the chamber to be sure the pistol is unloaded. Disassemble the pistol as described in the DISASSEMBLY instructions.
A good quality modern gun solvent and gun oil or light household oil are all that is needed to care for this pistol. Wipe all surfaces with a soft cloth or cleaning patch soaked in solvent. Do not try to clean the gun with oil. It will not disolve the residue left by smokeless powder cartridges. Oil very sparingly!