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FÉG Model SAPS South African Contract Pistols

2 Variants have been observed

Variant 1: FÉG Model SAPS AP9

A Walther PPK type black anodized aluminum-titanium alloy frame pistol
Manufactured by Fegyver és Gázkészulékgyár ('FÉG'), Budapest, cca 1998-2003
Est. 2000 were made with aluminum-titanium alloy frame
Caliber: 9mm Browning Short (.380 ACP)
179mm [7"] long, 100mm [3.9"] long barrel
7-rd magazine
Unloaded weight: 770g

The Model SAPS is the 9mm (.380acp) South African Police Contract version of the commercial FÉG AP9 Pistol.

It has an Aluminum-Titanium alloy frame and a steel slide.
It was manufactured for export cca 1998-2003.

This pistol is equipped with a weight latch system. It has an external hammer, equipped with a revolver-type firing mechanism, swinging firing pin and has a built in revolving safety. The pistol has firing pin locking to protect against accidental discharge. The revolver-type firing mechanism and the external hammer allows to fire the first shot directly by pulling the trigger with a round in the chamber, while the gun is unlatched with the released hammer. The hammer may be cocked with the thumb also. The revolving safety mechanism in the slide allows safe loading of the latched pistol.

Design improvements of the Walther PPK by FÉG.

Slide Legend: 'Cal. 380 Made in Hungary F.E.G.'

S.A.P.S. = South African Police Service
Located on the left front area of the slide, often lightly stamped.

Serial number prefix was 'J' followed by a 5-digit number.
Between J07067 - J090xx were reported with alloy frame.
Please let me know if you have an SAPS pistol with a serial outside this serial number range.

Imported to the US by SSME, Plant City, FL' circa 2003

Variant 2: FÉG Model SAPS APK9S

A Walther PPK type steel frame pistol with a shorter (Kurz) barrel
Manufactured by Fegyver és Gázkészulékgyár ('FÉG'), Budapest, est. 1998-2003
Caliber: 9mm Browning Short (.380 ACP)
165mm [6.5"] long, 86mm [3.4"] long barrel
7-rd magazine
Unloaded weight: 770g, loaded 840g
J10169 was reported with steel frame.