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Fémáru FÉG R-61 Police Pistol
Rendőrségi Pisztoly R61 Cal.9mm

A Walther PPK type aluminum alloy frame pistol
Originally manufactured by Fémáru Fegyver és Gépgyár, Budapest 1961-78
A small commercial run was manufactured by FegArmy Kft, Budapest 2003-05
Caliber: 9x18mm Makarov
157mm [6.2"] long, 86mm [3.4"] long barrel
6-rd magazine
Unloaded weight: 530g, loaded: 590g

Due to the problems with the aluminum frame of the RK59 Police Pistol, the Fegyvergyár's engineers and independent metal/alloy research factories started a two-year experimentation to find the right aluminum alloy. Finally an addition of .1% Titanium to the aluminum alloy solved the wear problem. The internal wear-surfaces of the pistol were also redesigned. The resulting new model was called the R61.
This was the first succesful aluminum framed 9mm pistol.
The slide shows the model name 'R61', 'Cal. 9mmM' (M for Makarov), the Socialist Hungarian Kádár-crest, and 'FÉG' 'Budapest'.
Serial numbers are 4-digit with a letter prefix.
Original pistols had a two-tone finish.
A small number of pistols were manufactured for commercial sale by FegArmy Kft during 2003-05, without the socialist crest, with a thumbrest grip and a single tone finish.

Reportedly some R61 pistils can be found re-barreled to .380ACP by the importer or by others. These conversions are not done by the factory and are not marked, so verify proper chambering before firing.

Design improvements of the Walther PPK by FÉG.