Hungarian Weapons - FegArmy FEG Pistols

FÉG Model FP9 Pistol (Parabellum 9mm)

Type: recoil operated automatic pistol
Manufactured by Fegyver és Gázkészűlékgyár ('FÉG'), Budapest, 1975-2003
Also manufactured by FegArmy Kft, Budapest 2003-2005
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum
Length overall: 198mm [7.80"]
Barrel: 118mm [4.65"] 6-rifle rh
Weight: unloaded: 950g, loaded: 1110g
Magazine: 13-round double-row detachable box

This pistol is an improved 1975 version of the FÉG P9. The FP9 can be distinguished from the P9 by a ventilated sight rib above the slide.
The legend on the left side as shown on the picture above: 'Cal. 9x19mm Made in Hungary FEG'
An alternate legend shown of the picture on the left: 'FP9 Cal. 9mm Parabellum Made by FEG Hungary'
This steel framed SA pistol has not been adopted for service in Hungary, however it has sold widely in western Europe and has even been acquired by small police forces. Grips are walnut or plastic. The pistol features: slide-mounted safety catch, safety on the steel frame, barrel is hard-chromed inside and outside.

Serialized parts: Frame on the front of the grip, right side of slide and bolt. Serials are a letter prefix (only 'F' reported) and 4 digits.
The barrel latching in the slide is done via three latching ribs. The pistol is equipped with an external hammer with a safety rest to avoid accidental discharge. The pistol has a magazine latching feature. The pistol with a cocked hammer and a round in the chamber can be safely latched by pushing up the manual safety.