Hungarian Weapons - FegArmy FEG Pistols

FÉG Model B9R Pistol

Type: recoil operated steel frame automatic pistol
Manufactured by FÉG and FegArmy Kft, Budapest, 1994-2004
Approx. 1500-2000 imported into the USA
Caliber: 9mm Browning Short (.380 ACP)
Length overall: 174mm [6.85"]
Barrel: 101mm [3.98"] 6 rifling, hard-chromed inside and outside
Weight: unloaded 700g, loaded 840g
Magazine: 15-round (and 10 round) double-row detachable box, hardened steel

Steel slide, steel frame, (aluminum frame was also made), DA/SA.
Original slide legend: 'Cal. 9mm Browning Short' 'Made in Hungary FEG Budapest'

The pistol is equipped with an external hammer with a safety rest to avoid accidental discharge. The firing mechanism, flying firing pin and the rotating safety latch are incorporated in the slide. The double action firing mechanism allows the cocked hammer to be released, whith round in the chamber. The safety mechanism allows safe loading of the latched pistol. The top of the slide rib is knurled to improve quick targeting.

Unknown number B9R's were imported and sold by Century Arms in 1994. These came with two 15 round magazines.
Approx 500 B9R pistols were imported and sold by InterArms in 1994. The import ban of high capacity magazines stopped further importation. InterArms went out of business in 1999.
Approx 200 B9R pistols were imported and sold by Century Arms in 2001. These came with factory 10 round mags to comply with the 1994 ban.
Approx 200 B9R pistols were imported and sold by Century Arms in 2004. These came with a factory 15 round plus a 10 round magazine.
Approx 400 B9R pistols were imported and sold by the now defunct SSME cca 2005, with the "Turkce Polis" [Turkish Police] Contract markings. See below.

Serial numbers reported are 7 digits.
Standard FEG B9R 9200045 - 9205605
Turkce Polis B9R 9210053 - 9210394
A 6-digit serial number was reported from Iceland: 208083
Please report B9R serials to update these serial ranges.