Hungarian Weapons - FegArmy FEG Pistols

FÉG Model 40RZ Pistol

Type: recoil operated steel frame automatic pistol
Manufactured by FegArmy Kft, Budapest circa 2000-2005
Chambering: .40 S&W
Length overall: 178mm [7"]
Barrel: 92mm [3.63"] 6-rifle rh
Weight: unloaded: 830g, loaded: 910g
Magazine: 7-round double-row detachable box

Same as the FEG P9RZ except it is chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge.
Note: there is no such a model as P40RZ after the P9 series, because the P stands for Parabellum.

This SA/DA pistol was designed to benefit from the double-row hi-capacity magazine concept, while making the pistol small enough for concealed carry purposes. The pistol is double action. The firing mechanism, flying firing pin and the rotating safety latch are incorporated in the slide. The double action firing mechanism allows the cocked hammer to be released, whith round in the chamber. The safety mechanism allows safe loading of the latched pistol.
The pistol was available with safety on either sides and in DAO version (Double Action Only).