FÉG redesigned the Walther PP Pistols with the following differences:

- Safety: Both FÉG and PP have hammer drop safeties, but the FÉG has a passive firing pin safety while the PP does not.

- Firing pin: The rear of the firing pin of the FÉG is below the line of the hammer face when the hammer is uncocked, and raises up in line with the hammer face when cocked. The PP firing pin does not move up or down, and it is always in line with the hammer face.

- Hammer: The PP has a passive hammer block, while the FÉG does not. The FÉG and PP have different hammer face profiles. The hammer profile of the FÉG is relatively narrow (similar to that of the Mauser HSc) and interacts with the position of the firing pin to provide the same type of "hammer off the firing pin while uncocked" as does the hammer block on the PP.

- Magazines: FÉG and Walther magazines do not interchange. Post-1945 Walther PP pistols use a little tab on the left side of the magazine follower to activate the slide hold-open. This follower tab requires a matching raceway in the left magazine wall which shows on the outside of the magazine as a small rib. FÉG uses a different approach to hold the slide open on an empty magazine, so FÉG magazines do not have this rib. Pre-1945 Walther PP magazines and post-1945 Manhurin PP magazines do not have this magazine rib, and will fit the magazine well of a FÉG pistol, but they will not latch into place as the latch cut in FÉG and Walther magazines are in slightly different places.

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