Degtyarev Machine Guns used/made in Hungary

7.62 DP Degtyarev Infantry Light Machine Gun
7,62mm DP Golyószóró

Made in the Soviet Union 1926-1941, Adopted by Hungary, 1948
Caliber: 7.62x54R. Muzzle velocity 2756 feet/sec
Gas operated, Automatic fire only, 47-round detachable drum magazine
1270mm [50"] overall, 600mm [23.8"] barrel, 11.9kg [26.2 lbs]
Tangent rear sight
Cyclic rate: 500-600 rpm

This machine gun was adopted by the Hungarian Army upon pressure from the USSR to replace the superior, but 'politically incorrect' Solothurn Machine Guns
The Detgtyarev DP has its operating spring coiled on the piston rod which is seated under the barrel. The heating of the barrel caused distortion of the spring with resultant malfunctions.