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Kiraly Danuvia Submachine Guns & Machine Pistols

Király Danuvia Machine Pistol Model 1944
Király Danuvia Géppisztoly 44.M

Only a few trial weapons were made by Danuvia Gépgyár, Budapest, at the end of 1944
Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
40-round staggered row detachable box magazine
Overall length approx. 500mm [20"], Barrel length approx. 250mm [10"]
2.92kg [8 lbs] without the mag
Tangent sight graduated 100-600 meters
Muzzle velocity 450 m/sec
Cyclic rate: 650-700 rpm

This Machine Pistol, an improved simplified version of the Danuvia 43.M, the last Danuvia design by Pál Király. It was given the 44.M designation, however official acceptance of this machine gun is questionable. Due to the invasion of the Red Army this gun was not manufactured in large quantities.
The gun was an all steel construction, it had convenient large grips and a ventilated steel barrel shroud. It had no buttstock or folding stock and no provision for bayonet mounting. The magazine was not foldable. The cartrige was reduced to the 9mm Parabellum.

Contrary to popular belief, this 44.M and not the 43.M was the basis of the Dominican Cristobal Carbines, also designed by Pál Király.
This 44.M was also the basis of the Hungarian 1951 Kucher K1 machine pistol designed by József Kucher, Király's younger coworker and successful weapon designer in Hungary after WW2.