Japanese Arisaka Rifles Captured
by Austro-Hungary from Russia

Japanese Arisaka Rifle Type 30 Infantry Rifle
6.5mm M.97 Japanisches RepetierGewehr

Made by Imperial Artillery Arsenal, Koishikwa, Tokyo, 1899-1907
Quantity: 550,000 rifles and 40,000 carbines
Turning bolt action with two lugs on the bolthead and the bolt handle turning down into the receiver slot
Caliber 6.5x50mm semi rimmed
1274mm overall, 789mm barrel length, 4 to 6 grove rifling, rh, polygonal
Internal charger loaded 5-rd box magazine
Leaf sight graduated to 2000m
Weight 4.01kg
775m/sec muzzle velocity with Type 30 ball ammo

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During 1914 Russia purchased 600,000 various 6.5x50sr Arisaka rifles from Japan. Most of these were Type 30 rifles and carbines, which were replaced by the Type 38's in the Japanese Army.
Russia also purchased the remaining 35,000 7x57mm Mexican Arisaka Type 38 rifles which were not delivered back in 1911 due to the Mexican Revolution.
The 7x57 Mexican T38 Arisakas carry the 'Republica Mexicana' crest, an Eagle and Cactus mark on the chamber, and the rear sight is different.

During 1914 Great Britain purchased 150,000 6.5x50sr Arisaka Type 30 and 38 rifles and carbines from Japan. These were issued to the British Army as the: 'Rifle, Magazine, .256in Pattern 1900' (T30) and 'Rifle, Magazine, .256in Pattern 1907' (T38) and used until 1916. In 1916 128,000 (almost all) of these weapons were sold/supplied to Russia.

Large number of Arisaka rifles, mostly Type 30 rifles, were captured by Austria-Hungary during WW1, mostly in 1915. These were issued to 2nd line units with original ammunition. Enough ammunition was captured that no conversion to an easily available ammo was necessary until late in WW1. When captured Japanese 6.5mm ammo supplies began to run low, some of the captured Russian issue Type 30 and Type 38 Arisakas were chamber reamed to accept the Greek 1903/14 6.5mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer cartridges. Modified rifles may have been fitted with M95 Mannlicher rear sight leafs.

Interestingly these rifles can be found with one or more of the following countries markings: Japan, Britain, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Finland (who obtained some of these guns after WW1).

Arisaka Type 38 Rifle Assembly Drawing and Parts List
Arisaka Type 38 Carbine Assembly Drawing and Parts List

Type 30 Sword Bayonets

Japanese Military Training School markings

The following Arisaka rifles were NOT captured/used by the Austro-Hungarian Army
These Arisakas are shown here for reference only.

Rare Arisaka Type 44 Carbine

Rare Arisaka Type 44 Carbine (Late War Version)

Rare Arisaka Type 2 Paratroopers' Carbine

Japanese Markings
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