Manowar's Hungarian Weapons - Kalashnikov AK-47 variants

Kalashnikov AMP-69 Machine Carbine
7,62mm AMP-69 Gépkarabély

Made by Fémárú- Fegyver- és Gépgyár (FÉG), Budapest, 1970-1985
Gas operated, Selective fire
Caliber 7.62x39mm, 5 or 30rd staggered row detachable box magazine
Tangent sight graduated 100-800/1000 meters.
Muzzle velocity 731 m/sec.
Full length 920mm, Folded 640mm

AMP-69 was similar to the basic AMD-65, but it was made with changes to comply with National Guard and Police specifications. This weapon was developed with the leadership of Károly Zala, FÉG chief engineer. A special optical sight above the receiver on a mounting plate and a shock-absorbing tubular butt was added. The butt could be folded to the right side by pressing a slotted head catch under the receiver behind the rear pistol grip. Serial numbers appeared on the left side of the receiver and selectors, were marked in their customary Hungarian style.

Grenade Launching Attachment [Gránátvető]

This weapon had an optional grenade launching attachment. The AMP-69 with this attachment is often - incorrectly - referred to as the AMR-69.
Grenade Model BG-15 40mm anti-tank hollow-charge or fragmentation anti-personal grenade launcher was used. During launching (firing) the hot gases ignite the teargas grenade's firing apparatus, which starts gas-generation with a predetermined delay. The max. grenade firing range is 420m (1375 ft). The special grenade launching ammo is gray marked. The 5-round magazine was used with the grenade launcher.
The Hungarian Military [Magyar Néphadsereg] adopted this weapon on August 2, 1974. The Ministry of the Interior [Belügyminisztérium] adopted the weapon in 1975 for police, border patrol, etc. use.

The gun was also capable of firing teargas grenades.

AMP-69 Bayonet.

The AMP-69 was offered for export in the 1970's. Reportedly the US forces captured several examples of this gun in Lebanon. After extensive testing the US inspectors determined that the quality of the AMP-69 far exceeded the Russian and other AK-47's.